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[edlug] Boot failure when USB hub is connected

Hello all,

I have just come across an odd problem. I am running a machine built round a 
Jetway Polaris 400 motherboard, which uses a VIA chip set. The processor is 
an Athlon XP 1200. 256MB RAM is installed. The machine runs with no problems 
under Ubuntu 5.10.

When I connect a USB hub to the built in USB socket, though, the BIOS does not 
boot. It reports the processor, then the line "Memory Test" but does not 
appear to check the RAM. When I boot without the hub connected, Memtest86+ 
reports no problem with the RAM. If I connect the USB hub after booting, my 
USB wheel mouse works fine.

Has anyone come across anything similar? Any suggestions for a fix? 
Incidentally, I have set the BIOS not to halt on any errors, but this makes 
no difference.


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