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-------- Original Message -------- Subject: RE: Monarch - Edinburgh Linux User Group Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2006 16:01:35 -0000 From: Sam Vaughan <SVaughan@xxx.xxx.xxx> To: 'Faye Gibbins' <wibble@xxx.xxx.xxx>

Hi Faye,

I wondered if you could post this advert to the user group? If you could
that would be fantastic.

Our Edinburgh based clients are a very successful and growing business who
are currently looking for an experienced Debian Linux Systems Engineer. You
will need at least 4-6 years administration experience with Linux operating
systems (preferably Debian, although other flavours and a willingness to
cross-train would be fine). Also experience with Apache, SMTP (Exim) and DNS
(Bind) internet technologies is essential. Any other knowledge of Microsoft
Systems Administration, IBM xSeries servers, MySQL databases and networking
would be an advantage.

This is an excellent opportunity to join a highly successful business with
an extensive internal infrastructure. You will be in a position of
responsibility looking after their systems infrastructure(rather than the
network infrastructure) and you will have ongoing responsibility for the
day-to-day running and maintenance of these. You will bring much needed
technical expertise to their infrastructure team and progression and
training are a given. Apply today for further information.

Location : Edinburgh
Salary: Circa 35K
Duration: Permanent
Contact: Sam Vaughan
Direct Dial: 0131 718 6013 ext 3208
Email: svaughan@xxx.xxx.xxx


Sam Vaughan
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