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Re: [edlug] Planet & People Society Event - Call for Volunteers

Hello Dominik,

I will hopefully be the proud owner of a Linux-running laptop by March, 
so could possibly help in after-presentation discussions/demonstration.  
I don't really fancy myself as a speaker in front of a large audience, 

May I suggest that we go to the forest cafe with some of the more eager 
students after the main event?


On Tue, Feb 07, 2006 at 07:41:17PM +0000, C. Dominik Bódi wrote:
> [Call for volunteers for the P&P Society Event]
> Hi folks,
> Antonia came along to our meeting last week, and we sorted out some of the 
> details:
> The event will take place on March 13th, 7:00pm in the ground floor auditorium 
> of the Edinburgh University Chaplaincy, 1 Bristo Square.
> We will have 90-100 minutes to impress politically interested/active students 
> with the political/ethical and technical advantages of Free Software. My idea 
> was to split the event in three parts:
> 1.) Presentation about the politcal and ethical merits of Free Software, a la 
> Richard Stallman. (30-40 mins)
> 2.) Technical demo running Linux on a desktop/laptop, displaying common use 
> cases like doing email, www, openoffice, im etc. (30 mins)
> 3.) Questions and discussion (20-30 mins, depending on demand)
> I would suggest splitting up the duties, as well. Therefore, we will need TWO 
> volunteers, one for the presentation and one for the technical demo.
> For the presentation I would want someone who already has at least brief 
> experience advocating Free Software. I will contact the FSFE in order to get 
> some slides they might already have created...
> For the second presentation someone who already has done similar demos would 
> be perfect, but anyone who feels up to do such a demo would be welcome.
> Additionally, it might be a good idea if we could get some more edlug members 
> to attend the meeting, possibly taking their laptops and pdas along to show 
> off with and get the people into personal discussions....
> About the target audience: For details about the P&P Society, see
> http://pandp.eusa.ed.ac.uk/
> Antonia provided helpful information about the society, as well. We cannot 
> expect every attendant to be a computer-geek, on the contrary. Many of them 
> will have experience using widespread non-free software on a (more or less) 
> daily basis, and that's it. However, these folks will be politically 
> interested and many of them will possibly have experience taking part in a 
> campaign or two. Arguing the politcal and ethical merits of Free Software 
> could have a big impact, indeed.
> Any volunteers, please mail to the list. The same goes for anyone having 
> suggestions etc.
> Cheers,
> Dominik
> -- 
> Vergib Deinen Feinden, aber vergiß niemals ihre Namen.
> 		-- John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Colin Horne
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