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[edlug] Planet & People Society Event - Call for Volunteers

[Call for volunteers for the P&P Society Event]
Hi folks,

Antonia came along to our meeting last week, and we sorted out some of the 

The event will take place on March 13th, 7:00pm in the ground floor auditorium 
of the Edinburgh University Chaplaincy, 1 Bristo Square.

We will have 90-100 minutes to impress politically interested/active students 
with the political/ethical and technical advantages of Free Software. My idea 
was to split the event in three parts:

1.) Presentation about the politcal and ethical merits of Free Software, a la 
Richard Stallman. (30-40 mins)
2.) Technical demo running Linux on a desktop/laptop, displaying common use 
cases like doing email, www, openoffice, im etc. (30 mins)
3.) Questions and discussion (20-30 mins, depending on demand)

I would suggest splitting up the duties, as well. Therefore, we will need TWO 
volunteers, one for the presentation and one for the technical demo.

For the presentation I would want someone who already has at least brief 
experience advocating Free Software. I will contact the FSFE in order to get 
some slides they might already have created...

For the second presentation someone who already has done similar demos would 
be perfect, but anyone who feels up to do such a demo would be welcome.

Additionally, it might be a good idea if we could get some more edlug members 
to attend the meeting, possibly taking their laptops and pdas along to show 
off with and get the people into personal discussions....

About the target audience: For details about the P&P Society, see

Antonia provided helpful information about the society, as well. We cannot 
expect every attendant to be a computer-geek, on the contrary. Many of them 
will have experience using widespread non-free software on a (more or less) 
daily basis, and that's it. However, these folks will be politically 
interested and many of them will possibly have experience taking part in a 
campaign or two. Arguing the politcal and ethical merits of Free Software 
could have a big impact, indeed.

Any volunteers, please mail to the list. The same goes for anyone having 
suggestions etc.

Vergib Deinen Feinden, aber vergiß niemals ihre Namen.
		-- John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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