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[edlug] windows file sharing experts?

Hi All,
I am just setting up backuppc on a network to back up a few computers at work. It should be straight forward to backup all flavors of OS as it can use rsync or samba for file sharing.
My problem is that I have discovered that filesharing in windows XP is a pain! Who would have thought that it's easier to configure a linux box to share its files using a windows protocol than it is to configure a windows box to do the same thing?!!! The problem is that in XP home edition 'simple file sharing UI' is turned on and cannot be turned off. You have to buy XP professional to get the check box to turn it off. The upshot of this is that in XP home edition you can share a folder, and you can give write access to other users - but you can't set a password for the files you share on the net! I don't really like the sound of this. I also wanted to share the whole of my C drive (so it can all be backed up), however windows (XP home) will not let C:\Documents and Settings or C:\WINDOWS (and a couple of other directories) be shared - even if you set it to share the whole of drive C. All this is making life quite difficult as far as backing up my winXP home boxes is concerned. I know I can use cygwin, ssh and rsync in windows and bypass the windows sharing completely, but before I resort to this, I was wondering if anyone knew where the windows filesharing configuration lives. Obviously the 'simple filesharing UI' is just a user interface to some file on the windows machine that sets what is shared etc. Does anyone know what this file is and if I can edit it by hand or through another interface to get the shares the way I want?
Thanks in for your help!
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