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Re: [edlug] Samba problem

Matthew Slane wrote:

I've created the smb.conf file below and added a password for root using smbpasswd -a root as well as create necessary directories with full permissions (while testing).

When I try to change the winbox over to use samba, it prompts me for a name and password of an account with permission to join the domain. I enter "root" and the password and it pops up an error box with "user name could not be found"

So far this is all I have done. What's missing/wrong?

You are trying to login a machine to get it to join a domain so the first thing you need to do is switch security mode to domain.

security - domain

you also need to create an account for the machine you are trying to join to the domain.
Machine names end with a $ symbol. so in the password file you need something like
machine1$:x:10001:10001:Machine login account 1:/tmp:/sbin/nologin

Create a samba account for the machine the same way you did for root.
Now join the windows machine to the domain usinf the root username and password you set up earlier.

Check the man page for smb.conf for full details.

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