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Re: [edlug] Linux on a Dell PowerEdge


I'm currently running a multicore poweredge up in the loft, on pure debian. I used to run Suse 9.x for about 8 months after which time I completely gave up. Trust me, Suse is useless as a server distro. I then switched to mandrake.... for about 20 minutes. Hated it from the start. Felt like the distro was put together in about 2 weeks. Support on the net wasn't great either, and I didn't feel it was using the 2 processors awfully efficiently.

Fedora was my next choice, which was fine for a while. Of course it's heavily based on RPM's, and it's not too keen on compiled programs. It was running OK for about 4 months, but like mandrake, it didn't feel really 'tight', which is really what you need on a server.

So, at the moment, I'm running Debian - it's the most fantasic OS I've come across in quite a while - on par on Ubuntu, I'd say (if you're confident with no GUI!). Though Debain always seems about 6 months behind, it's really a very, very stable distro for your server.

As far as hardware reccomendations go, I'm a bit out of my depth as well. My best advice would be to see how Debian configures itself on your system. Certainly, I'm sure you'll notice a dramatic performance 'up' if you use no GUI; maybe use SSH or something. Debain may be a bit of a bitch to configure, but I can post these (finely tuned!) configurations on here if you need them.


On 01/02/06, Gordon Guthrie < gordonguthrie@xxx.xxx.xxx> wrote:
Dear Guhuru's

I'm sticking SuSE 9.2 on a Dell Poweredge, 2 high-speed internal hard drives and
hardware Raid 1 mirroring.

I have vague memories of there being various hardware configuration things to do
to squeeze pony out of the beast, but I'm really a software boy out of my depth
in these matters...

All suggestions gratefully received...



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