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[edlug] Re: Keyboard Problem

On Wednesday 23 February 2005 00:43, Stuart Neill wrote:
> On a related topic I would have re-installed rather than upgraded as I have
> found in the past that this generally gives fewer problems, however, one of
> the problems I have encountered with a re-install is KDE failing to
> recognise previously set-up users (/ and /home are on separate partitions).
> Does anyone have a procedure which they follow which forces user
> recognition?
The only time I've had an issue in those terms was due to the user name being 
the same, but the user number being different. For info I rsync kde config 
files back and forward between my home and work boxes every day so I can pick 
up where I left off; kmail is the only package that can get confused - but 
deleting the index files sorts that.

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