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EdLUG is a group of like-minded people from the Edinburgh area who are interested in Linux, Open Source software and hardware and related concepts. Our members are from all walks of life and from across the whole skill and knowledge range.  Membership of EdLUG is free and open to anyone.

Latest News

I think it would be difficult for anyone to have failed to notice that the website has been offline for two weeks. We had to go into maintenance mode to patch the security hole in drupal. However, we discovered that the upgrading and patching was more complicated than we thought with the resul... more

Time is fast approaching for the February meeting where we will be pleased to welcome Alex Stobart to talk about the work of the Open Rights Group in Edinburgh.  The only problem is that we might not have a venue for the meeting.  Our normal haunt, The Southsider on West Richmond Street, was clo... more

After a lot of work behind the scenes by Ian and Mark we have found that there is no practical way that we can easily keep the archives up to date from Sympa on the University's server.  One alternative is that the mailing list should be moved away from the University and on to Lug.Org.Uk's mail... more

tl;dr: a very enjoyable evening, and plenty of duck for all.

On the evening of 5 December 2013, fourteen brave souls set off into the night.  Their noble quest was to dine at Loon Fung, for EdLUG's Xmas meal.

As with most epic journeys, there were some complications.  No r... more

Following much work behind the scenes and after a number of false starts EdLUG finally has a brand new website on a new host.

Our old server, which was a Dell Poweredge with 128MB RAM and a Pentium processor has after many years of loyal service has finally been decommissioned.  This mach... more

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